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The Run Is Done! Thanks to all who sponsored me

What was Michael Collins' Irish Diaspora Run?

Purpose of the Run - Historical Awareness and Fundraiser

The Irish Diaspora  Run was a month-long run that traced the harrowing journey of Irish Immigrants from Grosse Île quarantine station on the Saint Lawrence River down through Quebec, Montreal, Kingston and Toronto.


The run sought to highlight the historical circumstances that forced the Irish emigrants of 1847 to board the infamous coffin ships to Canada, whilst also paying tribute to those Canadians who cared for the typhus-stricken Irish. A series of articles will be posted throughout the run. 


The run served as a fundraiser to establish memorial gardens and erect plaques along the 1847 route.

About the Runner -Michael Collins

Limerick born author and ultra-runner Michael Collins is the author of ten books translated into 22 languages. His novel The Keepers of Truth was shortlisted for The Man Booker Prize. He is also the former captain of the 100K (62 mi) Irish National Team. He earned a bronze medal at the World Masters Championship. Other victories include The Everest Marathon, The North Pole Marathon, The Antarctic Marathon and The Sahara Marathon. Collins was educated at The University of Notre Dame and furthered his studies at The University of Oxford. He holds a doctorate degree in English.

Underwriters of the Diaspora Run

The Irish Diaspora run was sponsored by The Irish Times and supported by the Global Irish Media Fund. An account of the run appeared in blogs for the Irish Times and in a special diaspora magazine issued by The Irish Times.

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